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The Ranch

A regenerative and sustainable ranch delivering ethically-raised and nutritious meat nationwide.

Grassroots Effect

At Grassroots Ranch we steward nearly 1,000 acres of tall grass prairie in the Great Plains of Oklahoma, raising our cows, pigs, and chickens to bring you the highest-quality meat on the market.

We believe in transparently raising our livestock in a way that’s not only beneficial to the customer but provides a low-stress environment for each animal, working with nature rather than against it. Raising animals the right way results in Grassroots products having the fullest flavors and highest nutritional value nature has to offer.

Regenerative Agriculture

We’re focused on farming with integrity, making it our mission not simply to ’do no harm’ to the land but truly improve it. We work from the soil up, planning every movement of our herds with holistic grazing practices. This encourages deeper root systems, sequesters carbon, reduces soil erosion, and works to return our grasslands to the healthy and diverse native landscape it once was.

We know that this method of farming isn’t the cheap or easy way to produce beef, pork, or chicken, but we believe it’s the right way.

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef

Our cows are 100% grass-fed and -finished on our Oklahoma farm. We believe that the redemption of our grasslands is one of our biggest responsibilities as regenerative farmers on the Great Plains.

Mimicking the days of wild bison roaming our native Oklahoma grasslands, we are bringing large, ruminant animals back into the landscape designed for them and managing the herd with a method called rotational grazing or 'mob grazing.' By rolling up our sleeves and moving the cattle intentionally, we see increased diversity in our grasses and the return of native species that have been lacking for generations.

This is important because healthy, diverse grasslands with deep root systems can naturally take in carbon from the atmosphere as the grass grows and store it deep underground. This rebuilds valuable topsoil that has been stripped away by years and years of conventional land management and erosion.

Rotational grazing also naturally lowers levels of intestinal parasites in the herd without using chemical dewormers. Our cattle are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and experience no-stress handling when working, sorting, and loading. The USDA-certified butcher we use for our products is owned and operated by the Quapaw Indian Nation and has been certified by Temple Grandin, a pioneer of humane livestock handling.

Forested Pork

Grocery stores only offer one type of pork: conventionally raised inside on slat floors. You're just not going to see any pastured pork, forested pork, or pannage pork lining supermarket shelves. If you want to know what pork is supposed to taste like, you're going to have to try our pork. (Spoiler alert: it's not dry and flavorless, and it's NOT the other white meat.)

Our pork is forest-raised on our farm under the canopy of 160 acres of pecan grove where they have access to nuts, berries, mushrooms, roots, grass, and leaves. To promote a balanced, omnivorous diet, we supplement their natural forage with a GMO-free feed offered on a free-choice basis.

Our pigs are humanely treated and we never limit their ability to indulge their natural pig instincts like rooting up the earth, clearing our grove of small saplings and thorns, and exploring. They never receive any hormones or antibiotics. They are herded, sorted, and loaded in a low-stress manner and processed by a USDA-inspected facility owned and operated by the Quapaw Indian Nation. Their facility is pristine and has even gone through the lengths to become humanely certified by Temple Grandin herself, the pioneer of humane livestock handling.

The result is pork that is bright red and well-marbled like a prime steak, with an insulating cap of healthy fat that is firm-but-buttery, packed with healing vitamins and nutrients, and sure to keep from drying out during any type of cooking. You won't believe it until you see it.

Pastured Chicken

Looking for cage-free chicken or free-range chicken? Pasture-raised chicken is what you're really looking for.

At our farm, chicks are only kept inside our brooder house long enough for them to grow feathers and keep themselves warm, then we move them out to pasture where they are REALLY free-range and 100% pasture-raised. They're rotated every single day in their large, protective pens so they always have fresh grass and bugs, safe from predators in low-stress living conditions.

Our chickens get to feel sunshine on their feathers and grass beneath their feet. Moving them across our fields organically fertilizes the grass and builds valuable topsoil as they go, helping wildly improve our grasslands. This provides better grass for our cattle, who then graze and trample the grass down to make way for our chickens again — an example of beneficial symbiosis between the animals in our farm ecosystem. Their forage is supplemented with 100% GMO-free feed, suited for their omnivorous diets. Antibiotic-free. Hormone-free. Always.