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  • Prairie to plate.
    As real as it gets.

    Pasture-raised, grass-fed meat through regenerative farming.

  • Beyond Organic
  • Grass-Fed Beef
  • Forest-Raised Pork
  • Pasture-Raised Poultry

Food you can feel good about.

Grassroots Ranch is a beyond organic, regenerative farm focused on sustainable practices. We produce superior proteins for our customers and leave the land better than we found it.

Our Great Plains ranch is rooted in honest farming, raising livestock in a stress-free environment to deliver nutritious, healing and healthy products. We’re putting real food back on your table with our pasture-raised, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat.

Homegrown in the heartland

  • Beef

    Moved to fresh pastures every day, our cows are free to roam the native prairie of our farm and graze naturally, just like the bison before them. This produces a succulent, 100% grass-fed beef that’s full of flavor and nutrition.

  • Chicken

    Our pastured, free-range chickens are truly raised on grass. Moved to fresh pasture daily, our chickens forage for seeds, grass, and bugs, creating meat that is more flavorful and healthier than conventional chicken.

  • Pork

    Our forested pigs spend their days foraging our native pecan grove for nuts, berries, mushrooms, and grass. This environment produces savory pork packed with more vitamins and nutrients than traditional pork.

Stock your freezer with a click

  • We raise wholesome meat

    All of our livestock is beyond organic and ethically raised on our Oklahoma ranch to produce the highest quality beef, pork, and chicken available for your family.

  • You shop for your family

    Bulk order the food you need from the comfort of your home. Through our purchase options, get the right amount of food that works for you.

  • Next day local delivery

    Delivered frozen directly from the ranch to your door, our meats have the fullest flavors and highest nutritional value nature has to offer. You’ll never need to read misleading meat labels again.

We believe in better farming

At Grassroots Ranch, we’re steadfast in our mission to see the fullness of life manifest in every foot of soil, every creature that walks on it, every steward that cares for it, and every customer that feasts from it.

We’re serious about honoring nature’s systems, focusing on ethical, sustainable, and regenerative agriculture practices. While this isn’t the cheap or easy way, we believe it’s the right way. Our approach actively works to redeem Oklahoma’s rich, native grasslands and keep animals healthy and happy all while giving you flavorful, naturally-raised meat.