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What's So Special About Our Pigs?

There are so many amazing facts about pigs, such as their intelligence level or their different ways of communication, or my personal favorite, that they sleep in a big pig pile to keep warm during the cool season. But let's get specific, and talk about our pig operation. We like to break it into three talking points land, animal, and product.

Our pigs live under a canopy of 160 acres of pecan trees. There they snack on nuts, berries, mushrooms, roots, grass, leaves, and anything else they can get their snouts on. It's in a pig's nature to root for food. Rooting is a process when the pigs use their snout to dig up the earth to reach food, among other reasons. So while it might seem that the pigs are destroying any land they inhabit, they can be very beneficial to the land when appropriately controlled. For one, they are natural tillers. For example, by exposing them to an area being invaded by an unwanted plant species, the pigs help us by tilling that plant out of the ground. Not to mention the benefits of the fertilizer they leave behind, adding more nutrients to the soil.

The pigs help us out with land management by living in the orchard, but what good does the orchard do for the pig? Well, their diet for one, but that is just the beginning. The pigs have room to run, root, sleep, sunbathe, and simply just be pigs. They have access to all the food treasures that nature provides. The amount of mushrooms and berries we see growing in the orchard creates a fantastic diet for the pigs. Not to mention what being out in the fresh air does for their health. These pigs are living exactly how nature intended.

When speaking about our products, that whole saying, you are what you eat, always resonates with me. If you have yet to try our pork products, I would tell you to go big! Start off with our Prime Pork Chop. Our pork is never injected with brine or salt solution to keep them "juicy" as you may find at the supermarket. Through their foraging diet, our Prime Pork Chops naturally retain moisture on their own, not to mention the fat marbling and buttery fat cap that creates soooo much flavor! The pigs living off the land the way they do result in a pork product that has incredible flavor and is rich in essential nutrients and healthy, fatty acids.

Don't take my word for it, try them and see for yourself!